Eloïse Labarbe-Lafon is a plastician photographer, is originally from Toulouse and now based in Paris. She has been interested in photography and analogical processes since her early teens. Alongside her photographic practice, she has studied art history and cinema, worked as a film restorer, and colorized documentary archives. This proximity to the cinema of our origins and the memories printed on film have nourished her practice. Using photography and painting, she reinvents reality, and from her gaze springs intimate worlds that veer into the fantastic. Eloïse works on the preciousness of the image-object, through moments frozen on black and white silver film that she colors by hand, using her brushes and fingertips. @bambivader

Error Management represents Eloïse Labarbe-Lafon (photographer)
<strong>Eloise Labarbe-Lafon</strong><em> </em>for <em>Christine and the Queens</em>

Eloise Labarbe-Lafon for Christine and the Queens

<strong><em>Eloïse Labarbe-Lafon</em></strong><em> </em>for <em>Leon Laregui</em>

Eloïse Labarbe-Lafon for Leon Laregui